UK #Internet #Governance Forum #UKIGF17 @UKIGF – Shaping our Digital Future

17 09 13 UKIGFAlready last year I enjoyed the UK Internet Governance Forum.

This year Digital Minister The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP spread his enthusiasm again and the Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy Chi Onwurah MP shared her technical expertise in the context of ‘fake news’.

The morning focussed on cyber security.

Re Fake News, the Policy Director for UK of Facebook was part of the debate!

Chi Onwurah MP advocated that

  • democratic representatives of the people should have access to code / algorithm!

Carl Miller from DEMOS was rather provocative by suggesting that there is a

  • race between ‘internet psychology’ and ‘politics’
  • politicians ought to assert themselves
  • and civilise power!

James Cook, the Tech Editor of Business Insider UK was also most interesting to hear.

17 09 21 UN Principles coverShaping Your Digital Future – Principles of Internet Governance was a breakout session based on remarkable Principles on Identification published by the World Bank Group.


  1. Universal Coverage;
  2. Accessibility.


  1. Robust, secure and accurate;
  2. Interoperable and responsive;
  3. Open Standards and Technology Neutral;
  4. Privacy by design;
  5. Planned for financial and operational sustainability.


  1. safeguarding data privacy, security and user rights through a comprehensive legal regulatory framework;
  2. establishing clear institutional mandates and accountability;
  3. enforcing legal and trust frameworks through independent oversight and adjudication of grievances.

However, it has to be recognised that:

  • technology moves at 100 mph;
  • legislation moves at 2 mph.

TRUST through SCRUTINY is a good new motto, especially as it’s a cowboy world out there!

May the gap be narrow between good principles and actual implementation and enforcement mechanisms!



DIGITAL TOWN HALL: Co-Creating #SmartLondon – @SmartCitizenKit in @Digi_Town and #SmartCity

3D Metrics: Re-Presenting 3D Realities and Measuring on 2D Screens

Digital Town Hall: Co-Creating a Smart Londontook place on Tuesday, 13 June 2017, in the historic Town Hall of Bethnal Green that has become a hotel and event venue.

The meeting was organised by Robert Monster, CEO of Digital Town who calls himself an ‘enlightened capitalist’ and introduced IoP as the Internet of … PEOPLE!

To my delight, I also saw a slide on Public Private PEOPLE Partnerships!

The list of speakers was most impressive, starting with the keynote given by

  • SIMON ANHOLT– an independent policy advisor to 52 governments! Here he is at TED. He spoke simply beautifully:

We are one species and we meet each other. It’s about re-connecting the people who were split.

A Smart Cities Network is Globalisation 2.0 – beyond corporations and politics, based on fairness, enlightened self-interest and life on earth not as a sprint, but a team sport.


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Why is @Apple so Innovative? @SimonSinek about #digital corporate culture

This cultural anthropologist inspires companies like Rand, Microsoft and Apple. This video is a compilation of clips.

TED and other public talks are:

Here’s a moving account of one of his key or ‘peak experiences‘ in life.

His 10 rules are for business what the 10 commandments are for Christians: guidelines for action and food for reflection, inner signposts and reminders to ‘stay on track’. Mine has been:

Follow your Blissever since I discovered it in The Hero’s Journey – the Hero being the person who challenges nobody other than themselves. 

In the context of corporations, Simon Sinek puts it as “your only competition is yourself!”

With hindsight, ever since I left CERN without the disability pension that I should have received, if Mr Staempfli had not committed insurance fraud, here’s how I happen to have applied Simon’s rules:

  1. Break the Rules: I thought my own thoughts and captured them with all sorts of software, on all sorts of computers ever since I bought my first APPLE which came with this remarkable poem The Uncommon Man. It seems to have set the tone for my life with small computers after having learned about computing principles on mainframes.
  2. Train the Mind: I learned all sorts of meditation techniques.
  3. Be Patient: I learned to live one day at a time and wait for whatever turns me on next.
  4. Take Accountability: I take response-ability as much as I can, i.e. I like to RESPOND to people with whom I’m in touch.
  5. Outdo Yourself: The best proof I guess is my practice of the rather challenging Hot Yoga where every session is a challenge to the mind and our commitment to ourselves.
  6. Stack the Deck: I guess every blog and every online petition of mine is the deck that I’ve stacked to express my beliefs about politics and justice . Similarly, all my 3d metric sites and all my printed files from the times before the internet which include 5 patents are my scientific deck.
  7. Be the Last to Speak: This is apparently what Nelson Mandela learned from his father who was the leader of their tribe. I’ve learned to ‘democratise air time’ when I facilitate meetings, by using the ‘talking stone’ of native Americans.
  8. Be Authentic: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say” is one of my ‘mantras’, i.e. affirmations that my feelings are behind my mind.
  9. Find your Passion: Following my inner voice, my inner drummer that puts music into my inner ear, I do whatever makes me happiest at any time.
  10. Start with Why: Asking myself about motivation and intention has become part of my learning about self-knowledge.

Note: Apple do not tweet, but have 947K followers!

Nanosurfaces 2017 @IoM3 – an elite of ‘specialised generalists’ @nanotechnology @nanomagazine @nanowerk

3D Metrics: Re-Presenting 3D Realities and Measuring on 2D Screens

Nanosurfaces 2017 – the first of hopefully an annual event – created by Dr Martin Kemp, founder of and Chair of the Institute of Materials where the event was held.

The very convincing and compelling keynote was given by Stephen Coulson as his success story with – Perform, Protect, Improve – to develop water repellant coating for electronics and hearing aids.

The complete programme of speakers is published here. I showed these five slides in five minutes in the afternoon, demonstrating Mona Lisa opening her eyes for this elite audience as an apparently unforgettable event. I now need to look for ‘end users’, I’m told.

I noted here particularly those who I thought would benefit from using our method to re-visualise images in True Colour 3D – the tool with which ‘domain experts’:-

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#Renaissance Woman Ushers in #Digital Renaissance #Leonardo #DaVinci @DigiLeaders

17 04 20 Renaissance Woman.JPGHere I am on Easter Sunday – photographed by my theatrical friend who finds my way of presenting science ‘engaging’.

With this engagement in mind, I produced:-

17 04 18 Renaissance Woman

Neither artists nor scientists put Copyright notices on their work during the Renaissance in Europe.

To the contrary, the Medicis were financially so successful as bankers that art and humanism could flourish.

May our ‘digital renaissance‘ contribute to unlearning that time is supposedly money and that humanistic ideals can facilitate the coming together of art, science and digital technologies!

I am reminded of Margaret Wertheim’s book Pythagoras’ Trousers where she describes the gender war in the context of history and physics as origin of the ‘monopoly on defining god’.

© Copyright Sabine K McNeill 1996 – 2017

Smart data: towards a social change enlightenment

On the same wave length as myself as Renaissance Woman!
18 slides on

Philosophy for change

Three hundred years ago, the spread of science and liberal revolution inspired thinkers to claim that society was on the brink of an enlightened era. Today, as new data-driven technologies exponentially increase our ability to understand social problems, new strategies engaging the heart and the head boost the impact of social change programs, and tested techniques for evaluating impact reduce the cost of programs and ensure that funding flows in the right directions, there is reason to believe that we are nearing a new socio-technical threshold.

As David Bornstein claims, we are riding the verge of a social change enlightenment.

We can see it in the way that we are tackling social problems. For decades, social reformers labored under a vision of human beings as self-maximizing rational agents, a vision developed in the first enlightenment and perpetuated in the field of economics. Today, as Bornstein claims, we’re seeing the death…

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Digitally Yours: Official Data and The Law, Famous Paintings in #TrueColour3D and innovateUK

17 03 10 LawCom ReportThe British Computer Society [BCS] has been my club in town, ever since a professor of the London Metropolitan Uni introduced me to it. This week we held our first event that I contributed to:

Very good not only to meet Prof. David Ormerod QC but also the President of the BCS Ray Long. We now have a single page of Points for further discussion and we’re planning the follow-up meeting soon!

The previous consultation was on Misconduct in Public Office with Police Corruption as an offence.

Meeting LSE Prof Emeritus and ‘cultural maverick’ Aladin Aladin at a NESTA event on innovation inspired me to describe a conceptual art installation and I looked for famous paintings as input to our Smart Knowledge Engine.

  • Here’s a video I put together about Mona Lisa, as I’m gathering screenshots for our Gallery on a Smart Knowledge Space as a new website.

And then there was my hyper-frustration with innovateUK where you can not submit a video for a grant application, let along a link to Software As A Service… pdf is the only format they are willing to look at.

What chance do I have to make that ‘quantum leap’ from paper-based thinking to ‘digitally yours’?

I have had to discover that:

  1. Screenshots tell 1,000 words;
  2. Videos tell 1,000,000 tales;
  3. But our Smart Knowledge Engine makes you go WOW. AMAZING.
    • first, when you SEE a 2D image in ‘True Colour 3D’ – the larger the screen the more dramatic!
    • then, when you tilt and move, rotate and zoom, change lighting and colour, attenuate and invert, i.e. discover depth, detail, structure and tell new stories about the light and colour that can now be revealed in every image.

It’s just not ready for being driven by ‘anybody’ yet.

I don’t want to risk messing up first impressions, unless you INSIST!… Email sabine at domain if you want the link to our engine as ‘work in progress’.

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